I played a trio with myself today! I played the violin and “bass” (cello II) parts into GarageBand and then played the melody over them.

This is actually a very small excerpt from a quintet (catalogue # G.324) by one of my favorite composers, Luigi Boccherini. I have a certain fondness for him because he was a cellist, and actually understands how the cello works–instead of just treating it like a big violin, like some composers do (Tchaikovsky, Brahms, I’m looking at you).

Anyway, you might recognize this as the music from the end of the 2004 film Master and Commander. My kids might recognize the violin part as “that thing Miss Kelly plays when she’s waiting for us to get our act together.” 🙂


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Music source: http://imslp.org/wiki/6_String_Quintets,_G.319-324_(Op.30)_(Boccherini,_Luigi)


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