A preemptive post, for once! Two of these are arias from my favorite opera (Die Zauberflöte aka The Magic Flute) sung by my favorite character (Papageno). I’ve also linked to my favorite performances of each. The last one is a minuet from a Boccherini quintet I’ve played selections from before.

“Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” (“A Girl or a Little Wife”) — Lately, I’m fond of Detlef Roth in this 2001 performance. The huge voice that comes out of that tiny man is wonderful!

“Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja” (“The birdcatcher I am indeed”) — I usually don’t like opera translated into other languages but I absolutely love Ingmar Bergman’s Swedish version of ZauberflöteTrollflöjten. It’s set up as a stage play and shows some of the “inner workings” of theater work. I’m fairly certain Håkan Hagegård is still my favorite Papageno, and his version of the character’s intro song is pure delight.

“Minuetto” from Quintet #60 (Boccherini) — a favorite warmup piece of mine 🙂


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