Hello! I am Kelly, a musician and educator in New York State.

The Street Corner Project is a pledge that I will share something I played, recorded, wrote, or otherwise made every day for 1461 days, or 4 years–the length of a US Presidential term. It is intended to be a quiet, thoughtful protest against the current oppressive, impulsive climate in US politics.

It is also an invitation to all artists and creators (performers, visual artists, writers, etc) to join me! You can post every day like me, or as often as you like. The idea is to be creatively engaged for the next 4 years, and to promote unity and equity for all people, and solidarity with other artists.

If you would like to participate, please use the hashtags #streetcornerproject, #scproject1461 or #scp1461, or tag me (@thestreetcornerproject on Instagram or Tumblr, @scproject1461 on Twitter and Facebook). Follow this blog for my posts, and for updates. Thank you!